What Helium Region

What Helium Region

A simple project that I whipped up, What Helium Region (https://whatheliumregion.xyz) is a website I built to help people find what is the correct Region of Hotspot to order for the Helium LoRa Network.

You can simply enter the country you wish to use the hotspot in and it will provide you with the correct* region making it simple to know which one you need to order.

Primarily with LoRa networks there is a mixture of Hardware Frequencies (433, 470, 868 & 915 Mhz) along with Region Plans (EU868, US915, AU915, IN865 etc etc) making it sometimes confusing to know which is correct to order.

The site is designed to be as simple and minimal as it can be to handle high numbers of users while only being ran off a budget VPS.

Primarily it's a static webpage with a little bit of backend PHP scripting and use of javascript libraries to enhance the experience. It uses a Javascript library to autocomplete a country field and then submits a GET request. Of which PHP looks up in the JSON configuration file the correct region for the country and presents it to the user.
To enhance the experience the site also automatically detects the country based on IP Geolocation, typically making the country shown on initial page view the correct one for the user.

The site gets on average 400 visits a day according to Google Analytics.

* The region is provided from a configuration file in the Helium Miner, this does update over time and may mean some regions get updated to a different one.