Ryanteck Motor Controller Board (V3)

Ryanteck Motor Controller Board (V3)


Company: Ryanteck LTD.
Tasks: Electrical Design, PCB Design, Demo Software, Tutorial & Manufacturing
Date: First produced October 2013, this version approximately August 2015.
Status: Still for sale via Pi Supply.


I designed this as the first product for my previous company Ryanteck LTD. While simple at the time not many pre-built off the shelf motor controllers were available for the Raspberry Pi.

This popular product had 3 iterations with the one pictured being the third, it fits on all Raspberry Pi models and breaks out the unused GPIO pins either side of the motor IC.

Supporting software PWM the goal was to produce a product available to beginners that was also simple to use in languages such as Python & Scratch. With supporting documentation this product sold over 2,000 units.