Ryanteck TrafficHAT

Ryanteck TrafficHAT


Company: Ryanteck LTD.
Tasks: Electrical Design, PCB Design, Demo Software, Tutorial & Manufacturing
Date: First produced 2015
Status: Active.


Designed as a cheap and simple educational add-on for the Raspberry Pi being one of the early boards to conform to the Raspberry Pi HAT Standard.

The board came half assembled with all of the surface mount components soldered leaving the through hole components to be soldered. These components were bigger components that beginners could use to learn to solder with the goal being that it could be the first board they've soldered.

After being a basic board meant that it was very simple to program being it's second goal. Using this board meant that beginners could learn basic concepts such as how to control the GPIO pins on the Pi, Loops, boolean logic and more.