IoT LoRa Arduino Node

IoT LoRa Arduino Node


Company: Nebra LTD. / Pi Supply
Tasks: Electrical Design, PCB Design, documentation & Testing.
Date: First produced October 2018
Status: Still for sale.


As Part of a bundle of 3 LoRa nodes we launched at Pi Supply we decided to launch one for the Arduino to make it easier for customers to build DIY Nodes.

While it's possible to interface the IC that does the LoRa transmission directly to the microcontroller on an Arduino, this isn't always the best solution as the library required to make it work can take up a majority of the Arduino's storage.

By using the RAK811 which has it's own controller to make the LoRa transmissions work this pairs very nicely with the Arduino which overcomes this memory limitation. At the same time it also provides the benefit of using less of the Arduino's GPIO pins freeing more up for sensors.

Compatible with arduinos in the Nano form factor & Uno form factor.